Tuesday, June 30, 2009

its the little things 6/30

1. finding free after coupons lemonade/cereal and granola bars at kroger!
2. talking to michelle finally today!
3. watching austin's smile light up a room and make others smile
4. getting a chance to catch up on my recycling job at church
5. getting to see friends today!
6. the house being back "in order"

Monday, June 29, 2009

its the little things 6/29

1. a wonderful day spent with my mom, its fun that she has the summer off
2. all this for 11cents: 5 boxes of pasta, juice and a loaf of brownberry bread!
3. drew being so sweet and helping a friend out today
4. lots of good food and treats
5. a long walk on a finally not so hot day.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

its the little things 6/28

even though the days isnt over yet I thought I would do my little things now
1. going to church as a family
2. drew going "to the bathroom" at church, but really going to be with austin because he missed him
3. having lunch on the grill again with tracy and elizabeth
4. fans!  we dont have AC so fans help SO much.
5. no real plans so just getting to hang out the rest of the day.

its the little things 6/27

1. austin taking a 4 hour nap!  we were able to get so much done!
2. finishing all the laundry from our trip
3. drew fixing the grill, stroller and hose for me!
4. having steak for lunch together on the grill
5. new toys for austin from the garage sale
6. getting to catch up on all the mail from our week away

Saturday, June 27, 2009


You can see pictures of our bike trip HERE!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Road trip here we come.

Most of you reading this already know, but Andrew and I are leaving in the morning (Saturday) for our "road trip." Now this is a bit of a unique road trip as we will be the one's pedaling, not driving across Michigan. We start in Whitehall on Sunday and finish in Lexington on Friday.
Austin is staying with Grandma and Grandpa G so please keep everyone in your prayers as this is a big change for all involved! I have scheduled posts on Chunky Monkey so you faithful readers won't have to go a whole week without your Austin fix.

its the little things 6/19

1. andrew getting out of work early and being able to take off before most of rush hour
2. dinner at American pie (pizza!)
3. 2 important things coming in the mail today!!!
4. remembering to take back my library books before we left
5. austin being SO good today and helping me get all packed up

its the little things 6/18

1. getting the cvs moneymaker to work
2. having time to get andrews fathers day gift
3. a great night with austin not nursing, waking up at 5.45a and putting him self back to sleep until  almost 8.30am
4. austin having so much fun playing with us when we were packing
5. getting most of the packing done for our trip and being almost ready to go!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

its the little things 6/17

1. sleeping 9.30p-6.30a
2. hanging out with elizabeth and doing lots of little surprises
3. picking out a new outfit for her...she was so excited
4. hungry howies for lunch
5. making a dent in my cleaning/putting things away/packing project

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

its the little things 6/12

1. getting out of work on time
2. safe travels to warren
3. homemade brownies (thanks mom)
4. time to get ready for the garage sale
5. watching the wings win (oh wait, they lost...)

its the little things 6/13

1. getting to help with a very profitable garage sale!
2. standing our ground and not getting ripped off during the sale
3. austin making visitors smile
4. pizza for dinner!
5. jimmy johns for lunch!

its the little things 6/14

1. garage sale day part 2
2. seeing people smile when we gave away tons of stuff for free at the end
3. helping one lady who had NOTHING after a recent divorce
4. grandpa g helping out with austin so much during the sale
4. b dubs for dinner!
5. ice cream snicker bars for dessert

its the little things 6/15

1. marlene taking my call so i could be with austin (esp. since they worked late and got called in at midnight)
2. austin doing great at kelsey's house while drew and i both worked
3. a nice walk after work
4. austin being so excited to see me and in such a great mood
5. a gorgeous lunch hour walk

its the little things 6/16

1. meeting up with amy and tracy imprompto on the street corner
2. work picnic and austin getting to see all of moms friends
3. getting to talk to michelle on skype
4. mom selling 3 craigslist items
5. getting a sweet sample in the mail

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We were blessed the other day with a FREE flat of flowers so I added in to what I had already planted with lots of help from Mom and Dad.  Thanks Kelsey!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

its the little things 6/11

1. leftover ruby tuesdays for lunch
2. getting an hour lunch and time for coffee
3. getting to see austin for a second before bed, getting to snuggle and give him his cup of milk
4. not having to water the flowers/veggies today
5. going to bed early

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

its the little things 6/10

1. sleeping until 7am without interuption
2. date night with drew and no austin for our anniversary
3. ribs and steak for dinner yum!
4. austin being safe and sound at the sitters
5. a sweet gift from drew (snickers, an aloe plant and a card that said-"i know i can be a prick sometimes..." get it? the aloe plant, prick..haha!)
6. finally getting to go to original gravity

In the beginning

Happy Anniversary Drew!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

its the little things 6/9

1. getting excited for a date tomorrow
2. getting a run in
3. a very sweet friend giving me a pepper and eggplant plant for the garden
4. delicious lunch at panera via a gift card and leftovers for dinner
5. catch up time hanging out on the lawn at amys

Monday, June 8, 2009

its the little things 6/4

1. an always enjoyable moms group
2. the parade!!!!
3. walking to the fair
again, i got too far behind and cant remember!

its the little things 6/5

1. walking downtown and checking out the fair
2. not getting call in
3. listening to music at the fair and austin having fun
thats all i can remember right now...sorry!

its the little things 6/5

1. watching fireworks on our rooftop with Drew
2. Finally meeting Baby Jaidyn!
3. Grilling for dinner (actually the grill wasnt working, so we used the George)
4. having a glass of wine (on the roof!)
5. seeing austin's smile after basically not seeing him for 2 days.

its the little things 6/6

1. getting to see lots of family
2. lots of hard workers so all the garage sale prep got done
3. awesome chicken and ribs at moms for dinner!
4. dad going to get even more delicious apple pie!
5. already selling some stuff on craigslist

its the little things 6/7

1. getting to see old friends at Heather's baby shower
2. Drew staying home with austin so he could nap while i volunteered at church
3. finding a lady to swap some diapers with for our favorite kind
4. super cheap dipes at CVS
5. getting back from warren in time for church

its the little things 6/8

1. getting to see Kristins new pad!
2. a 30 minute walk that included complete silence
3. getting grocery shopping done nice and early
4. 4 pairs of kitchen gloves, 2 boxes of cheerios, one package of baby q-tips and 3 packages of wipes for 56 cents plus tax. (thank you kmart!(
5. austin finally sweetly asleep after a LOOOONNNNGGGG day

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

its the little things 6/3

1. hanging out with friends at the parade tonight
2. being treated to lunch at B Dubs by uncle D
3. more new friends at moms group
4. selling 3 more diapers, the last of the ones i wanted to sell
5. an overall great day.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

its the little things 6/2

1. having fun with Austin at his first bar experience for Aunt Steph's bday 
2. finding a perfect spot downtown AA
3. buying 12 cloth dipes for only $60 (this is a STEAL for you non clothers)
4. managing to say NO to the extra pics they try and sell to you at Sears
5. some alone time this afternoon and a pizza buffet for lunch (and then burger night for dinner...man, what am i doing to myself?)

flower day

Flower day at the Holts!

Monday, June 1, 2009

its the little things 6/1

1. finding a perfect outdoor umbrella for our table (in the trash!)  see pics below
2. coupon in the mail for free m & m's and hot dogs
3. rebate check in the mail
4. errand running with the fam this afternoon
5. a nice, smooth, stress free day

a day and night out.

I already talked about it, but here are some pics from our day/night on the town.
The bride and groom

Check out Drew's new earring.

proud to be a garbage picker

Look at this find that Austin and I stumbled upon on our night walk.  The lady lives just down the street and was just putting this out when we walked by.  She kept referring to the umbrella as "he" as if it was a person in her thick German-ish accent.  I felt bad taking "him" from her, but "he" worked great and she was the one putting "him" in the trash.  Finders keepers!
PS. the table and chairs were ours and know "they" have a new friend.