Saturday, November 28, 2009


Danielle, Rob, Drew and I went to the Pistons game on Wednesday. Thanks Gma and Gpa G for watching Austin. The lost, but all and all it was a great night.

When we first got there we were greated by somesort of Star Wars person!
The boys at the game.

And the girls...

Oh, and we saw Kid Rock! Look very closely, but he has the plaid hat on with all black on, between the "40 and BING" on the court!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

its the little things 11/3

1. a very encouraging talk with my MIL
2. lunch with my husband and no high chair
3. Austin having fun at the sitters
4. Being able to bless a family with my coupon crazy freebies
5. getting a lot done on class reunion planning

its the little things 11/2

1. a new upgraded sweet ipod touch and got back 50cents! haha
2. the best apple customer service EVER
3. time to get tons of errands done
4. getting to say hello to work friends with Austin
5. Seeing Aunt Chelle and Austin not "completely" melting down.

its the little things 11/1

1. Having a wonderful women at church pray with me
2. Day lights saving time not messing with us TOO much
3. sun!
4. Walgreens run with AUstin
5. Free HH cinnamon bread- thank you entertainment book.