Saturday, February 28, 2009

its the little things 2/28

1. talking to my sister on Skype tonight
2. great finds at a mom2mom sale and "trash'n'treasure" sale
3. a sweet boy who was so tired tonight that he feel asleep on my shoulder while I was burping him
4. waffles for lunch
5. feb. 28- which means tomorrow is march-which means we are getting closer to SPRING!

its the little things 2/27

1. open swimming with my boys
2. watching a movie sitting on the same couch as drew
3. air popped popcorn
4. a full nights rest with no little Austin interuptions
5. yummy leftovers for lunch

Friday, February 27, 2009

its the little things 2/26

1. not getting called in at small group (or at all for that matter)
2. a full nights rest (thanks Drew and Austin)
3. a laid back, non stressful day at work
4. a sweet boy who is so much fun lately
5. free lunch at work!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


man, just thought i would admit my true obsession with my blog checking/emailing...I must have went to the computer 15 times this morning, only to remember that I am on my new strict 2 sessions per day. I have to ration them out, so i could not waste a session first thing in the AM. I know i will be happy at how much i can get done though. Until session 2...bye!

its the little things 2/25

1. piping hot fries striaght from the fryer at McD's! ( i have this theory that when you go through the fast food drive thru, they give you the crappy old stuff, because by the time you realize it is cold, its too late to complain ) so i was pleasantly surprised!

2. My weekly "solo mom regroup time"

3. a 25.00 gift card for transferring my Rx.

4. a walk to CVS in the 45 degree weather

5. playing with Austin and watching him discover new things.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

its the little things 2/24

1. a solo trip to Kroger and more free diapers and free samples (WHOLE cookies!)
2. making a bunch of baby food today (green beans, peas, squash).  I love providing for my little guy
3. hanging out with Amy today
4. the sunshine ALL day
5. my sister safely getting to St. Lucia (I am assuming since we havent heard otherwise!)


Ok...Here goes nothing.  My friend Amy inspired me today to take part in lent this year.  I must admit that after giving things up for lent for years as a Catholic, I took a hiatus in my non Catholic years, but after talking with her today, I realized it is time to "practice" again.  

At first I was going to keep it to myself, but then I realized I needed the accountability that going public brings.

So here is my official Lent declaration
1. No Diet Pop (this will be hard, but its something I shouldn't be drinking anyway)
2. Limiting my email and blog checking to only twice a day.  (This may not seem like a big deal, but TRUST me, it is.  When your computer is in your living room, it is way TOO easy to check these things countless times per day)

My plan is to fill this time with more family time and reading.  I am going to try to start reading The Message/Remix: Solo  daily again.

and yes...i am sitting drinking a diet coke and cramming all the emailing and blogging i can before the clock strikes midnight!

Monday, February 23, 2009

its the little things 2/23

1. Michelle making austin a cd of her reading him bedtime sweet
2. a fun day hanging out with Grandma Jo
3.  2 gift cards for transferring Rx's!
4. austin's laugh
5. coming home to see Drew (ok, it hasnt happened yet, he's at work, but it will)

She's gone

The adventure has begun... Michelle (my younger, yet taller, sister) left for the Peace Corp today (my parents and her left the house at 3.59AM!). She is spending the day/night in Miami and then will head to St. Lucia in the AM. You can check out her blog here and follow along on her journey.

We're so proud of you Michelle and miss you already.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

its the little things feb 22

1. an awesome look into prayer this morning at Kensington
2. a wonderful lady who prayed with my sister, mom and I after church
3. DELICIOUS Olive Garden dinner for FREE (only b/c they dropped my meal and didn't bring it out until everyone else was done eating
4. lots of goodies at moms house
5. family hanging out with AA so i could have a little break

its the little things 2/21

1. Getting to Aunt Chelle's before the "blizzard"
2. a delicious homemade dinner by Mom
3. running errands and hanging out the "girls"
4. and adorable chunkey monkey stuffed animal for austin from aunt chelle
5. lots of goodies from Target

Saturday, February 21, 2009

its the little things 2/20

1. taking Austin with Drew to open swim night at the local middle school. he stayed in for the whole hour!
2. Amy letting me borrow a swim diaper last minute...THANKS so much!
3. my best friend from college, Danielle, and Rob coming over to hang out with us friday night
4. getting out of work on time so i could go to swim night
5. china one for a delicous dinner!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

its the little things 2/19

1. getting my call covered so we could go to small group
2. having friends share their honest struggles and being able to pray for them
3. a good day at work
4. Drew taking such great care of Austin while I'm at work
5. i forgot to do this on thursday and i cant really think of a number 5...

its the little things 2/18

1. having a delicious lunch with  my sister and mom (and austin of course) at Original house of pancakes
2. getting to help Michelle pack for the Peace Corps
3. having ANOTHER ice cream sundae!
4. not getting attacked at the gas station like i was convinced the man walking up to me was going to do!
5. austin at least sleeping until 2.30am without a peek (its progress....)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

its the small things 2/17

1. Austin getting an A+ at his 6 month check up *weighing in at 19lb 2oz*

2. Grandma and Grandpa watching Austin so Michelle and I could go run errands

3. Free Diapers for Grandma's house at Kroger

4. a great new purse at value village thrift store

5. a homemade ice cream sundae for dessert after delicous TJ's pizza

Monday, February 16, 2009

its the little things 2/16

1. an adorable 6 month old that took great pictures today.
2. that same 6 month old who went to bed without a fight
3. a husband that was happy with his haircut today
4. the sun shining all day
5. fun laughs while playing with austin in his crib (he was in the crib, not me!)

Austin- 6 months

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

its the little things feb 15

1. a solo trip to CVS this morning and a bonus coupon that printed for me!
2. a run outside in the sunshine
3. a trip to Target and my little man sat quietly the whole time
4. a fun night with friends in honor of Anthony's first birthday
5. Austin getting called "the best baby in the nursery" at church today!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

its the little things 2/14

1. a sweet sweet boy who went to bed at 7pm!  we'll see if he actually stays asleep
2. skype- so grandma and grandpa can see austin every day
3. a bike ride (indoor) and some snow shoveling for some exercise
4. an urge to do a little organizing
5. 8.30pm bed time (for me!)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Planet Rock

Austin Eats Green beans

check out :45

Austin Eats Green beans

check out :45

its the little things 2/13

1. michelle babysitting tonight!
2. a rock climbing date
3. dinner at Mongolians!
4. a busy day at work so we didnt get sent home early (without being payed)
5. Delicous PB cookies that my sister made.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

its the little things

its the little things feb. 12

1. my husband setting on my bike on my trainer today
2. drew installing the poop sprayer!
3. drew folding laundry for me (see a pattern here?)
4. our whole family going to small group tonight
5. a touching story shared by special friends.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

thanks carrie

Unfortunately my friend Carrie's freezer got left open and she had to cook A TON of meat. Fortunately for me, I was the grateful recipient of some spicy sausage and this is what I did with it.

Stuffed Tofu , Spinach and Sausage Shells (yes, i made this recipe up)

I was also able to bring some over and have pasta with friends tonight. Thanks Carrie!

its the little things 3

1. watching Austin enjoy green beans for the first time
2. adult company for dinner
3. delicious sausage from my friend Carrie for pasta tonight
4. a shower sprayer we are borrowing from a friend (poop + cloth diapers = no fun)
5. teaching Amy how to find deals at Kroger!

just thought of a few more...who said i can only have 5?
6. my sister saying she'll come over friday so we can go on another date on Friday...yea!!!
7. a co worker covering my call until 10pm tomorrow night so i can go to small group.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

its the little things part II

Its the little things 

1. a cup of coffee and emailing during an early morning nap
2. drew coming to pick us up so we could see aunt chelle
3.  a walk OUTSIDE (yes, outside in february!)
4. a 60 degree day in michigan
5. a fun "play date" with carrie who taught be how to do this

Monday, February 9, 2009

its the little things

I have decided to copy my friend Amy who has been posting her "grace in the small things" posts every day. Just 5 simple things to be thankful for and see God's huge love. So here I go...

It's the little things - part I
1. a great day with austin and his Aunt Chelle - lunch, shopping, dinner, more shopping...
2. Homemade ice cream sundaes with oreos, marshmallows, chocolate chip cookies, Sanders hot fudge, mini m & m's and nuts!
3. A loving husband who's coming to pick us up at my parents tomorrow
4. Grandpa G who loves Austin and hangs out with him so the girls can hang out
5. qdoba (esp. the lime chips!)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009 more deals....

So many of you may know that I love a bargain...well i follow these blogs and these moms are always showing off their good deals with pics of their goods so I thought I would brag a bit on my trip to Kroger. I was nearly arrested (ok, i am exagerrating) for trying to use a 12.00 coupon i had for the kid essential boost, but in the end this is what I came home with...all for... drumroll please... $12.27! Lots of coupons and good sales- I got the toliet paper (2), crest (4), yo plait (1) and kids Boost all for free after coupons! According to my good ol Kroger receipt I saved 76%!!!

Welcome Brady

Our friends Tom and Becky had thier sweet baby boy on the 31st....Welcome to the world Brady Edward.