Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

its the little things 9/28 & 9/29 combo sure is easy to get behind on these- i guess i'll just start fresh

1. apple pie and tea on a cool fall evening
2. lots of TV to watch
3. getting fall decorations up
4. Dr. Popp being so excited to see me
5. a CVS exchange that ended up with be getting a jumbo pack of dipes for 1.00!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

its the little things 9/20

1. UM winning yesterday
2. CMU winning yesterday, 48-0!
3. getting to see drew in his work uniform when he stopped home for a second
4. austin loving his friends in the tot room at church
5. 1.5 hours of no yelling! (that you church volunteers!)

its the little things 9/21

1. being able to buy lots of goodies to send to michelle with all my coupon money
2. the car cart at kroger occupying austin while i picked up a few things
3. brownie ice cream with cookie crumbs on top
4. looking forward to dinner with mom tomorrow
5. andrew sternly telling austin he had to go back to bed at 4.30am and him sleeping until 8.30!

its the little things 9/22

1. meeting mom for dinner and hang out time!
2. awesome craigslist deal that looks like this
3. a walk with the family
4. getting odds and ends done
5. making delicious meatballs for pasta at lunch

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

its the little things 9/17

1. making it through small group without being called back to work
2. although i missed them, being at small group alone without having to chase Austin all over!~
3. even though i got called in later, we got cancelled and i got paid 2 hours OT for only being there 20 minutes.
4. leaving work on time
5. home made goodies at small group!

its the little things 9/18

1. Mongolian BBQ!
2. a perfect night for walking around Ann Arbor with the fam
3. not having to stay late at work
4. making it through the day after getting called in the night before
5. early bed time! and drew dealing with austin when he throw a 1.00am fit so i could catch up on sleep.

its the little things 9/19

1. so much fun at anna grace's birthday party
2. watching austin fit in so well even though all the older kids were oblivious to him
3. austin being ok after he calmed down from the bee sting
4. austins 3 hour nap and being able to watch football with drew
5. heading to bed early.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

its the little things 9/16

1. my birthday present coming in the mail!
2. a new sweet old english "D" for my car and my love of the Tigers
3. Danielles famous cookies arriving in the mail today, just for me and lots of them
4. a 3 hour afternoon nap
5. time to read a WHOLE book

its the little things 9/15

1. my usual once a week errand running without a sweet, yet loud, one year old demanding my attention!
2. free cold stone birthday treat
3. biggest loser season starting
4. its not there there were not many other little great things, i am just drawing a blank right now.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

its the little things 9/8

1. Lunch at Ruby Tuesday's all by myself
2. checking out the Saline library- very impressive!
3. time for a run with little man
4. a trip to kroger without my little helper
5. selling Drew's Keens on Craigslist

its the little things 9/9

1. laughing as i watch my neighboor play some sort of sword/star wars game with pool noodles in his driveway with his 2 boys
2. dairy barn for dinner
3. a nice family lunch together cooked on the grill
4. not driving anywhere today, but still going to cvs parking lot (dont ask!), the market, dairy barn, mom's group and the library. sometimes this small town is kinda nice
5. it not raining so we could get the above done!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

its the little things 9/6

1. my friend Kristin giving me the heads up that the Dollar Tree had Ipod Touch cases, yes Griffin and Belkin for ONE DOLLAR!!!!
2. Austin and Anthony playing at the splash zone today
3. Hanging out with Falsetta 3 and Sloots!
4. Austin going right to bed after a weird nap day and 30 minute nap at 7.00
5. surviving a napless morning with trips to Target, CVS and Meijer

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

N. Gemini Lake Campground

We spent 3 nights in the Pictured Rocks area and stayed at North Gemini Lake. We had the BEST campsite. It was a rustic campground which basically means it has an outhouse and old school pump for water and thats it.

Our site had a section set back for the tents surrounded by water. We called it our little penisula.
Look closely through the trees to see the tents.
Our only kayak picture. We kayaked the Sturgeon white rapid river. Haha. It is the fastest river in Michigan and it sure gave us a challenge. They told us the tip rate was 80% and we all kinda laughed doubting anyone would tip. Boy, were we wrong.

Our rate= 125% (haha, DQ went in twice!)
I lost the glasses and shirt I am wearing in the pic below.
Not pictured: the water bottle that I lost too!

More falls in Pictured Rocks
The boys standing under the above fall

"Rock Climbing"

fake backdrop

For some reason, I think these first two pics look like a fake back drop that you would pose in front of.
This is one of the many falls we saw at Pictured Rocks.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Who doesn't love a great campfire?
Rob, Danielle and Drew
How not to make a pizza pie