Monday, August 31, 2009

Tahquamenon falls

Such a daredevil...

Tahquamenon falls-2

Tahquamenon falls are in the UP about 75 miles from the bridge. We spent 2 nights at the Lower Falls TF State Park which is a quick walk to the actual falls.

On Monday we took the 4 miles hike (8 miles RT) to the Upper Falls- Yes we could have just took the 5 minute drive, but instead we hiked our way to beauty. This was just the start of our adventure filled vacation.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mac Island

Don't these look like senior photos?

On the way to Mackinaw Island
On the Island
Rob, Danielle, Drew and I

Mac Island Part 2

Grand Island

On Wednesday we headed over to Grand Island. GI is just off the Pictured Rocks coast line and you have to take a ferry (aka pontoon boat) to get there. There is absolutely nothing on the island (expect the most breathtaking views of Lake S. and beautiful cliffs and miles of woods and nature). We brought our bikes with us and chose to do the longest ride which was 23 miles of mountain biking around the perimeter of the island.

Lunch on the beach

What is it with Drew and very high trees hanging over cliffs?

All was going great until mile 9...

Mile 9

If you look closely, you will see why mile 9 sucked...yes that is a flat tire! and just after that, Andrew's chain broke, yes, totally snapped! We decided not to let it ruin our day and after much deliberating, we decided to trek on. 12 more miles, 4 people, 2 working bikes and a boat to catch by 6.30pm or it would be us and the bears all night!
We took turns walking bikes and riding others and still enjoyed all the beauty!

The boat ride over.

Lumber Show

We went to a SWEET Lumber Jack show in Mackinac City. If you are heading up there you have got to see this show. Its just like the ones you see on ESPN, except there are just 2 competitors competing head to head. It's called Jack Pine Lumber Shows.

Goofin' off

We met up with Danielle and Rob on Saturday in Mackinac City and then they spent the rest of the week touring the UP with us.

Mystery Spot

St. Ignace is home of the "Mystery Spot". Go here to learn more about it, put the jist is thats its just a mystery- balls roll up instead of down, chairs balance on two legs and you stand on a huge slant when you think you are upright!
The ground is level here- so how is the guy on the right always taller?

St. Ignace- Day I

Day 1 of vacation was in St. Ignace. It was freezing! ok, for August, it was freezing...

Trying to warm up with coffee at the campground host site.
Our Vacation mobile

Drewski hard at work

The view from the beach at Straits State Park

Thursday, August 20, 2009

its the little things 8/19

1. austin having a blast at the pool today
2. getting packed for camping
3. drew working days so we could be a "normal family" in the evening
4. penne pasta with garden grown tomatoes!
5. 9.30 bedtime

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

its the little things 8/18

1. going on a very inspiring walk with 2 friends and a bunch of kiddos
2. paying off our last student loan!
3. being on a dave ramsey "high"- i know, dork alert!
4. spending all morning alone enjoying free coffee at panera (thanks mom!)
5. getting all the birthday thank you's done!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

its the little things 8/17

1. Red Robin for Austin's birthday party
2. seeing him smile when they came out and sang for him
3. me smiling when they brought out a birthday sundae that I "helped" him eat
4. early start and got a lot done, including a run and multiple errands
5. multiple skype sessions with aunt chelle and crazy and yes i really mean crazy, grandma jo!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

its the little things 8/14

1. getting off work at 2pm!!!
2. andrew being able to occupy Austin while they were both feeling awful!
3. Austins family bash!!!
4. aunt rose and uncle greg coming all the way from St. Louis for it :)
5. lots of other out of towners making the hike over to ann arbor to share Austin's day with him.
6. all the food going over great
7. lots and lots of help at the party. i couldnt have done it without everyone!!! thank you!

its the little things 8/16

1. Austins birthday! He's made it a whole year and isnt doing half bad :)
2. watching the sweet little boy fall asleep on our way to the store
3. CVS having everything I wanted
4. goodies and a trip to Kmart for double coupons- my little man is such a trooper
5. oh-i cant believe i saved this for last- Andrew putting in the window AC in our bedroom and having wireless and getting to work on some projects without sweating!

its the little things 8/15

1. grandma and grandpa G babysitting so Andrew and I could go to a wedding
2. blood marys
3. hitting a golf ball
4. getting to spend the 90 plus degree day mostly in AC
5. austin sleeping until 10am!
6. I slept until 9!

one year can make a big difference

What a difference one year makes...
August 2008

August 2009
Jason and Brooke Hickmott's Wedding
Golfing at the wedding

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

its the little things 8/12

1. after a frustrating (both the manager and I) trip to walgreens I ended up with 5.00 cash and 11.oo on a gift card, not really sure, but i was so happy to leave
2. time to prune, which i mean basically cut down, many weeds that grew into trees
3. sun sun sun
4. a few different long walks
5. time to run to the store and get a few last minute things
6. tiffany

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

its the little things 8/11

1. austin smiling and being the best ever for all of his one year pics
2. getting to hang out with the Tondreau's- its been awhile
3. austin sleeping just long enough for me to whip up lunch for a friend
4. being able to grill successfully
5. not having to make dinner tonight!

Monday, August 10, 2009

its the little things 8/10

1. going to the water park today!
2. watching mom WANT to go down the water slide, in the wave pool and down the lazy river... she is really living it up as her 40's run out!!! haha!
3. the rain storm at the water park being short
4. andrew getting to come with us too!
5. fresh veggies at the local stand.

Friday, August 7, 2009

its the little things 8/7

1. getting out of work on time
2. another beautiful sunny day with outside luch and a walk
3. a peaceful walk with the fam when i got home
4. austin sleeping until 8am for Papa
5. sitting on the deck with Drew as I type -reading and typing and just enjoying the cooling down night.
6. I almost forgot- a WHOLE bag of broken cookies from Java Joe's!

its the little things 8/6

1. getting the "family" all together again!
2. watching austin and anthony splash around and play together
3. watching austin devour a cupcake
4. getting out of work at 5
5. a beautiful day with lunch and a walk outside!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

its the little things 8/5

1. getting to see many friends at a softball game tonight
2. watching austin reach out for many hugs from Aunt Stephanie
3. austin being a trooper while we ran errands earlier
4. 2 mini morning naps!
5. bed time for me!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

its the little things 8/4

1. meeting jen at the mall
2. watching as austin pushed a boy over in the play area (it was only a joy b/c all he was trying to do was give the boy a big hug, but instead he shoved the little runt over)
3. austin helping me clean and organize the basement a bit
4. finding homes for all my freebies
5. recycling/trash day- i love the new start

its the little things 8/3

1. making up 8 goodie bags to hand out to those in need
2. getting lots of practical things done
3. getting paid 5.00 to buy 10 pairs of cleaning gloves
4. finding someone who can use the above items
5. clete thomas' walk off homer
6. talking to michelle a few times and austin finally cheering up to walk for her!

Monday, August 3, 2009

What do you do with all your free stuff?

As many of you know, I am a deal finding, freebie "buying", coupon cutting kind of gal... The problem sometimes is what to do with everything. I know the need is great, but sometimes it is hard to find exactly where that need is. Recently I found the local bakery is collecting food goods so I have been bringing things there and I found a ministry to donate health and beauty items to through my in laws church, but I also was able to make THESE!

Last year our small group put together these bags to keep in our car so they would be on hand if we ran into someone in need. This is round 2 and I was able to make up 8 bags with all things I got FREE or nearly free. Each bag includes- full size toothpaste, toothbrush, mini first aid kit, soap, 2 razors a nutri grain bar and a pop tart(gotta have some sweets, right?)

I would love to share, so if anyone wants a bag , or 2 or 3, to pass out- just let me know!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

its the little things 8/2

1. finally finding something that i have been looking for FOREVER!
2. lots of freebies and donation items.
3. sun all day long!
4. getting the house all picked up and put away
5.  watching austin make others smile

its the little things 8/1

Well...I got a little behind, but here's to a fresh start in August!
1. getting a 20.00 rebate from a christmas gift i bought- wow nothing like efficiency on Farberware's part huh?
2. Seeing The G's (most of them anyway) one more time
3. running errands with mom while Gpa G tended to little man
4. Austin doing great walking with no major spills (yet!)
5. watching Austin climb the stairs while pausing at each new level to stand and clap for himself before moving on...what a ham!